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Mayo Clinic part of new nationwide health innovation network

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Last modified: November 05, 2023




1. The Mayo Clinic Platform is one of more than a dozen initial spokes of that network. Dr. John Halamka, president of the Mayo Clinic Platform, said it was chosen for its work using data and augmented intelligence to help find cures for patients.

2. Who's who in charge of Mayo Clinic Platform

3, Federal ARPA-H Info



 PB ePaper article



Who's Who


Maneesh Goyal  Chief Operating Officer, Mayo Clinic Platform at Mayo Clinic

Per PB Magazine


For Goyal, that career "training" includes a background in finance, investing, product development, and engineering. He was in leadership roles at Welltok (which provides data-driven health solutions) and Miramar Venture Partners (an early investor in information technology). In early work with the Mayo Clinic Platform, he helped develop the original business model. He also helped launch the Advanced Care at Home program, which "allows patients with conditions previously managed in a hospital to have the option to transition to a home setting and receive high-quality virtual and in-person care and recovery services."



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Link to ARPA-H launches nationwide health innovation network


ARPA-H National Hispanic Heritage Month Event

Washington, DC

September 18, 2023 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM EDT

On September 18, ARPA-H hosted an event that celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month by recognizing Hispanic leaders in the healthcare field and inviting attendees to help chart a course toward future engagement between government, industry, academia, patients, and the Hispanic community. This event included two panels and a resource fair for attendees to learn more about opportunities to engage with ARPA-H.



 Hispanic Panel 40:47   How to reach community: 48:14  Zocala Health AWS 51:22 Pandemic Platform ; Mary Center 56:03 Dental and Social Services (Mary's Center) Cancer Diagnosis 

Integration of Hispanic and Latino Individuals into Clinical Trial and Hispanic health services institutions 1:17:21  Hispanic Platform 1:26:29  Workforce Development 1:32:05 Community Technology Innovation not at the table 1:50:24 Community Centers 1:53:20 for Clinical Trials 

HS level engagements 2:03:08

Diversity Contracting 2:04:49

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Dr. David Williams in his Keynote Address at the Mayo Research 2017 Annual Health Equity retreat.

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