SE Mn Together: A regional community growth initiative

Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF) recently approved funding for three projects through its $100,000 One Big Thing Grant and Regional Community Growth Initiative (CGI). Thirty communities surrounding the Rochester area have collaborated through SMIF's 2014 One Big Thing Grant to participate in the Regional CGI. The CGI was developed to bring together community leaders in southeastern Minnesota to position themselves for future growth in response to the City of Rochester's implementation of Destination Medical Center and Journey to Growth led by Rochester Area Economic Development Inc.

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Beam Project Type: Project Phase: Plan
Detailed Description

The projects chosen for funding include:
- A Regional Marketing Campaign will review existing marketing efforts, then facilitate a series of discussions with regional stakeholders in order to better leverage and expand upon existing marketing efforts with the intention of developing and implementing a regional marketing strategy which will lead to increased economic activity. This project is led by Chris Giesen and was approved for $20,000 of grant funding.

- SE MN Together project will align and coordinate workforce solutions that address the labor shortage in southeastern Minnesota through creating a collaborative environment and forming a coalition to work with the businesses in our region to develop, stabilize and grow the regional workforce. This project is led by Natalie Siderius and Sheila Kiscaden and will receive $80,000 of grant funding.

- Connect Trails Project intends to form a larger regional trail system by developing a master plan and seeking additional funding. The enhanced trail system will promote healthy living and active lifestyles for all ages, provide additional recreational activities, and increase tourism into communities connected to trail. This project is led by Chris and Ann Priebe and was approved for a $20,000 challenge grant.

"We are pleased to support these asset-based approaches to support these surrounding communities," says Tim Penny, President/CEO. "We're excited to see them use the opportunity of DMC to strengthen and grow regional collaborations."


PlanScape: Diversity and Inclusion ; Economic Development ; Workforce Development


Community Health:


Lead Organization: Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation

Confirmed Collaborators: Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation

Potential Collaborators: Diversity Council ; Journey to Growth Diversity and Inclusion Committee ; Journey to Growth Partnership

Status Reports Related PlanScape Status on: Diversity and Inclusion, Economic Development, Workforce Development

October 17, 2017: In the Shadow of Growth Forum: Pathways to Prosperity and Well-being

At the October 5 C4G forum, Paul Flesinner talked about a national pilot project to stop generational poverty and what we need to do within the current system to accomplish this now.

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October 11, 2017: What's the vision for Saint Marys Place subdistrict?

PB Reporting: "A Destination Medical Center rendering provides a potential look at the future St. Marys Place. Community input is being sought this week as a final design concept nears."

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October 09, 2017: Taylor Arena Replacement

Discussion of a proposed arena project connected to Mayo Civic Center will continue Tuesday.

The Mayo Civic Center Commission will hear a presentation from London-based PricewaterhouseCoopers regarding an analysis of a proposed sport and entertainment arena to replace Taylor Arena.

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October 01, 2017: University of Minnesota, Rochester Master Plan

PB reports "The University of Minnesota Rochester is taking another step toward its future goal of building a 10-acre college campus at the edge of downtown."

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September 30, 2017: Diversity Council Rochester Area Racial Attitude Survey

Luther College researchers released a Diversity Council presentation: At the Cross Roads: 2016 Olmsted County Racial Attitudes and Actions Survey

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September 27, 2017: Mayo Clinic Health Disparities Research Lecture by Dr. David Williams

Dr. David Williams in his Keynote Address at the Mayo Research 2017 Annual Health Equity retreat.

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September 21, 2017: City Council Discussing Affordable Housing

City Council's Committee at Large discussed Affordable Housing andCouncilman Michael Wojcik's counter proposal. 

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September 11, 2017: September, August , July , June & May News from Community Focus Team

September, August, July, June and May, 2017 Community Focus Team news and meeting notes.

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September 10, 2017: MN Department of Education education data analysis

Great opportunity to get connected with deeper data collection and analysis on education outcomes. 

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September 10, 2017: Rochester-Southeast Minnesota Campus for Single Mothers and their Children

Remick Family donates land for future Jeremiah Program campus in Rochester

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September 09, 2017: Olmsted County, MN Community Health Improvement 3Q (September) 2017 Status

September news including September meeting agenda and June meeting minutes.

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August 24, 2017: August 2017 Update of June 27 RPS Board Study of discipline data

August updating the 2017-06-27 RPS Board Study of discipline data with school breakdown. 

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August 24, 2017: Cradle to Career Second Newsletter (July 2017)

Second newsletter:  "Organizations involved in planning have committed additional resources to bring StriveTogether back on August 31 to help us complete our recommendations for a shared backbone structure to sustain this work across the community over time."

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Site Information
  • For the commercial sector, we tend to register startup activities (new companies and new commercial projects) that bring diversification and high-impact opportunities to the area.
  • For the non-profit sector, we wish to shine light on all the organizations and services that otherwise labor under relative obscurity.
  • Our hope is that Cbeam will encourage cross-sector collaborations and creative solutions.

While there are a number of registries in the community, Cbeam's distinct value is to pilot a database with a data structure and categorizations that answer the questions such as: What organizations or projects/programs in our community that have purported relevancies with some of the over-arching focuses put forward by initiatives such as DMC, J2G and Health Improvements.

This database could be used as one of the ways to explore the capacities of the community. If you are someone on an exploratory journey to learn about the greater Rochester community. Cbeam could be an interesting first step.

The following defines the various project phases:
  1. Available - a product, program or service is in production
  2. Develop - program or application is being developed
  3. Plan - idea is solid, stakeholders are identified, and there is strong commitment to go forward from all parties.
  4. Concept Phase - idea scoped out with enough details to give an early sizing and/or to build a proof of concept
  5. Pre-concept Phase - an early idea or a requirement.
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