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2023 Co-design Leadership Training Session 1 Option 2

Co-design has become a valued and effective community-centric approach to developing healthy and equitable projects, policies, and practices in the Rochester region. However, we have also seen what can happen if co-design is co-opted as just another “box” to be checked. If you are not familiar, co-design is an approach to encourage, compensate, and prioritize the inclusion of diverse populations throughout the design and development process. We would like to invite you to participate in training sessions designed to proactively ensure that those leading organizations and projects are able to create meaningful co-design opportunities and structures for shared decision-making in the work that you do.
When Feb 23, 2023
from 12:00 PM to 03:00 PM
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Some objectives of this training are:

•            Understand the community co-design process and purpose.

•            Know how to identify projects that are well suited for co-design as well as when to projects might be better suited for other methods.

•            Learn how to evaluate and ensure a co-design project is set up for success and is largely consistent in process and intention.

•            Build a shared language around co-design.

•            Identify projects and collaborations for co-design in the future.

•            Develop a relationship with a team that can offer on-going support and coaching to apply co-design.


The training will consist of two in-person sessions which will be modeled to offer experiences of being a part of a co-design process. In between sessions you will have the opportunity to practice being a community researcher/designer and explore opportunities for co-design with colleagues and other partners.


Options for Session 1 (3 hours total): February 21st 1pm-4pm or February 23rd 12pm-3pm. We will cover what co-design is, how to identify opportunities for co-design, and how to think about building relational networks of key community stakeholders.


Options for Session 2 (two hours total): March 7th 1pm-3pm or March 9th 1pm-3pm.  We will cover how to evaluate co-design processes, share back insights from the mini-design sprint, and building on those insights discuss how to initiate a co-design project.


We look forward to your participation in this leadership co-design experience. We would like to receive a confirmation from you by the 16th of December if you are interested in participating the training, and which session options you would like to sign up for.


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