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Community Education Looking for Judges for Science Fair

January 06, 2019 Public Report On Community Education: Hawthorne Education Center


Share your knowledge and expertise with Rochester area students in middle school and high school by serving as a judge for the Rochester Regional Science and Engineering Fair this February. Judging sessions will take place on the evenings of February 12 and 14 and during the afternoon of February 15. Each session only takes a few hours, and you may volunteer for one session or more based on your schedule.

 Judges are an integral part of making the science fair a success each year.  As a judge, you are part of the science fair infrastructure. Your time as a judge has impact that goes beyond the day of judging: your time reaches out and influences students, schools, the community and business.

 There are many benefits to judging:


  1. Share your knowledge with today’s youth
  2. Build your CV/resume through community service
  3. Network and develop communications skills with other science and engineering professionals
  4. Develop analytical and evaluation skills (translates into leadership and management skill base)
  5. Sharpen your investigative skills
  6. Build self confidence
  7. Have fun while helping others


To ensure fairness and equal opportunities for all students, we need a diverse team of judges in the following areas of expertise;


Animal Science

Behavioral & Social Sciences


Biomedical & Health Science

Biomedical Engineering

Cellular & Molecular Biology


Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Earth & Environmental Sciences

Embedded Systems

Energy: Chemical

Energy: Physical

Engineering Mechanics

Environmental Engineering

Materials Science


Physics & Astronomy

Plant Sciences

Robotics & Intelligent Machines

Systems Software

Translational Medical Sciences



If you are interested in participating, please click here to register to be a science fair judge.


You may sign up for one or more sessions; however, all Special Award judges must have completed at least one prior judging session to be eligible for award-round judging. Volunteers are also needed for many roles outside of judging – from helping with check-in to entering data to handing our ribbons. Individuals who would like to participate in a non-judge role can register here.


Session times and locations are:


  • Tuesday, February 12: 3 pm Orientation, 3:30 – 5:30 pm 
    Research Papers – Middle School at Friedell Middle School
  • Tuesday, February 12: 6 pm Orientation, 6:30 – 8:30 pm  
    Research Papers – High School at Friedell Middle School
  • Thursday, February 14: 6 pm Orientation, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm 
    Middle and High School Project Posters at RCTC Regional Sports Center
  • Friday, February 15: 12:30 pm Orientation, 1 pm – 3:30 pm 
    Special Awards at RCTC Regional Sports Center - MUST HAVE JUDGED at least one prior session








January 06, 2019 Public Report On Community Education: Hawthorne Education Center



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While there are a number of registries in the community,'s  distinct value is to pilot a database with a data structure and categorizations that answer the questions such as: What organizations or projects/programs in our community that have purported relevance with some of the over-arching focuses put forward by initiatives such as DMC, J2G and Health Improvements?

This database could be used as one of the ways to explore the capacities of the community. If you are someone on an exploratory journey to learn about the greater Rochester community. could be an interesting first step.

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